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13312854_1146551572068076_6372802396521507669_nKevin David Anderson’s story Contractions will appear in the anthology The Beauty of Death from Independent Legions Publishing, edited by Bram Stoker Award winner, Alessandro Manzetti. There will also be offerings from Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Poppy Z. Brite, Monica J. O’Rourke, John Palisano, and many others for a total of 39 short stories from around the world. Here is a link to the entire TOC

In 2014 his novel Night of the Living Trekkies was added to the curriculum at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in a course offered to incoming freshman called How I learned to survive college from the Zombie Apocalypse. He has just learned that my new middle grade novel, Night of the ZomBEEs, will also be added to the required reading list of the course this fall. He will also be Skyping in for a Q&A session at the end of the year. Other writers that have previously been featured in the class were David Moody, Jonathan Maberry, and Joe McKinney.

At the end of June the audiobook version of his novel Night of the ZomBEEs will be released produced by Parsec Award winning podcaster Rish Outfeild.

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